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  • Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has been receiving increasing interest in recent years. It offers a number of health benefits that make it very popular. Now new on the market is the so-called “H4CBD”.

    H4CBD is a type of CBD extract. It contains a higher concentration of CBD than traditional CBD products. We'll explain what it all means below.

  • What is H4CBD?

    H4CBD is a new, stronger variant of CBD with psychoactive effects due to a small amount of THC. Experience reports suggest that it has a more intensive effect against inflammation and pain . The hydrogenated CDB has a stronger binding power to the CB1 receptor in the body and a higher bioavailability.

    The historical background shows that the H4 cannabinoid was discovered in the 1940s. Since then it has been further researched. It is created by the hydrogenation of CBD. This involves adding additional hydrogen atoms to the chemical structure to stabilize the molecule.

  • How does H4CBD work?

    Although there are very few studies, you can hear a lot of reports. These suggest that H4CBD has similar but smaller effects than THC or HHC. Furthermore, it has been found to be safe to use .

    Compared to conventional CBD products, H4CBD can have a stronger effect due to its higher concentration. The effects can be relaxing, euphoric or even stimulating and can last up to 30 minutes or longer.

    Some people prefer H4CBD products due to their faster and more effective effects. It is said to relieve anxiety and other health problems. H4CBD also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that can help with arthritis. However, there can also be unpleasant side effects such as pressure in the eyes or headaches.

  • Is H4CBD legal?

    Purchasing H4CBD is legal in Germany. However, it is important to note that H4CBD products may be illegal in some countries and states. The cannabinoid is obtained from hemp plants, which may have higher THC levels than permitted. It's important to check the legality in your region and contact the manufacturer before using it.

    H4CBD products should only be purchased from trusted manufacturers. Products should be tested by independent third parties to ensure they meet legal requirements.

  • Is H4CBD detectable in drug tests?

    Some drug tests can react to THC even if the THC content in H4CBD products is very low. Therefore, you may test positive for THC on a drug test. If you are subject to drug testing at work or have concerns about detectability, you should use other CBD products. Since the cannabinoid is believed to be mildly psychoactive, we advise against using transportation or machinery while under the influence of H4CBD.

  • Where can I buy H4CBD?

    HHC Vapes offers a number of products that allow you to try out the new cannabinoid for yourself. In our shop you can buy some H4CBD products, such as H4CBD vapes and H4CBD disposables or H4CBD disposable pens

    When purchasing, you should make sure that it is a high-quality product. This allows you to ensure that it does not exceed the legal THC level and has no impurities.