Was ist HHC oder Hexahydrocannabinol?

What is HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol?

The abbreviation HHC stands for hexahydrocannabinol. A long word to describe one of the most fascinating active compounds in the hemp plant. Because, similar to CBD and many other cannabinoids, the HHC is also obtained from the versatile hemp or cannabis plant. CBD is already a well-known and reputable product in Europe. HHC started its winning streak in the US and is now gaining popularity in Europe - especially in Germany.

While HHC has long been a mystery in this country, more and more people want to know more about HHC as a legal alternative to THC. Basically, research has known HHC for around 80 years. This special ingredient in hemp was discovered by Roger Adams. He was an American chemist, but not a marketing specialist. That may have been one of the reasons why HHC has received little attention since its discovery. Another reason was that HHC is very small in cannabis compared to CBD or THC. This means that the effort to win it is enormous.

Responsible enjoyment with a high-quality hemp product

In professional circles, HHC is considered a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. It occurs naturally in the hemp plant. However, Roger Adams performed a scientific feat and added a molecule of hydrogen to the delta-9-THC to self-produce the HHC. The process initiated in this way has become known as hydrogenation. Nowadays, HHC is usually obtained from those hemp varieties that have a lower THC and higher CBD content. This is also the basis for the fact that HHC can be manufactured legally.

HHC is considered one of the most resistant cannabinoids. Hardly any other ingredient in hemp is so immune to oxidation, UV light or the influence of fluctuating temperatures. With no other cannabinoid is the chemical compound as stable as with HHC. This means that even prolonged storage is not a problem for the cannabis product.

There is so little THC in HHC that there is great hope that it will be approved without issue in the vast majority of countries in the EU. With HHC, the cannabis community has found a new way to consume responsibly alongside CBD.

The effect of HHC

This is about how HHC is supposed to work according to unanimous opinion. According to unanimous expert opinion, HHC should produce similar effects to THC. However, the psychoactive effect is significantly reduced. If you listen to the users, they report relaxing moments and calming effects after taking it.

It is important to note that HHC is particularly new to the market as a modern cannabis trend product. Therefore, there is still little scientifically tangible information about the effects of HHC. So it is clear, YET no concrete statements can be made about how HHC works.

Experts rate HHC as effective

The degree of strength of HHC depends on the molecules 9R-HHC and 9S-HHC. The higher the 9R-HHC content in an HHC product, the more experts believe it to be more effective. The reason here is that the molecules of the 9R-HHC in the body are better able to interact with the cannabinoid receptors.

The different statements about the effect of HHC products are generally based on the different ratio between 9R-HHC and 9S-HHC. Anyone who buys HHC products from HHC Vapes always gets the highest possible level of 9R-HHC. We meet this product standard out of responsibility towards our customers. This also means that the quality and customer-friendly relationship is always consistent across every batch and every vial.


Although HHC is obtained from the same plant as THC, analyzes and numerous user experiences confirm that HHC, in contrast to THC, is only slightly psychoactive. Although HHC and THC are chemically similar, HHC is clearly a much lighter variant of THC.


CBD is cannabidiol. It is one of the most well-known products from the cannabis or hemp plant. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is well tolerated. A statement like this from the WHO is currently not available on the subject of HHC. Purely, CBD exists in its crystalline form, for example. Mixed with oils, CBD comes in different dosages. CBD does not induce psychoactive reactions, nor is it addictive. The potentially very mild intoxicating effect of HHC is one of the differences to CBD. Similar to CBD, HHC also comes in different dosages. The advantages of both are also used in combination products.

Is there a therapeutic benefit?

The current study situation on the subject of HHC is limited due to the novelty. One of the first known studies states that the chemical compound HHC can be beneficial for the well-being of an organism. But one thing is clear - a therapeutic benefit of HHC cannot yet be assessed. Research in this area has “just” begun. This means that no well-founded statement can be made as to whether HHC has a therapeutic benefit.

Production of HHC

HHC manufacturing hhc-vapes.com

The inventor, Roger Adams, laid the foundations for the multiple production of HHC. In the laboratory, HHC is produced by the hydrogenation process already mentioned. This process takes place in a pressure vessel. There, the molecular composition of various cannabinoids is broken down. The compounds are replaced with hydrogen. This process thus allows the chemical conversion of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD into the versatile HHC.

Manufacturers make it clear that HHC is not a synthetic cannabinoid. The reason for this is that all raw materials come from the naturally grown cannabis plant. The process for obtaining HHC is complex and expensive. But that's the only way to get pure HHC in the end. The work process therefore requires many hours of work and a deep understanding of the natural chemical processes in the plant and in the conversion process.

Care must be taken in the production of HHC. The suppliers at hhc-vapes.com use careful production processes to ensure that residues such as palladium or nickel are not included in the end product. In addition to the highly hygienic production, all quality controls are also right here. These, paired with top-quality manufacture, are the prerequisites for a top-class HHC product.

Can HHC be detected on a drug test?

So far it is known that HHC is broken down by our bodies in a different way than THC. It is assumed that a different metabolism takes place. So if you take a conventional drug test in which the markers hit THC, for example, the test results for HHC are negative in the majority of cases. This means that according to the current state of knowledge, HHC is not detected by commercially available drug tests. However, the empirical values ​​gained are still too scarce to make a definitive statement on this subject.

The testimonials from previous users show that there are still positive drug tests after taking HHC. However, experts assume in their interpretations that the corresponding tests will respond to the marginal amount of THC.

How is it served?

First of all: In contrast to CBD, HHC does not exist in natural flower form. This is because HHC is semi-synthetic and not found in large amounts in one flower. However, there are flowers that are artificially mixed with HHC. HHC hash is also possible. It is important that both the HHC flowers and the HHC hash are illegal in Germany according to the current legal situation.

The HHC in oil is easy to dose. Counting drops from the vial is easy. Liquids are those liquids in which the substances for e-cigarettes or vapes are stored. These can therefore be quickly transferred into the body by the evaporators. Edibles are foods that contain HHC. HHC edibles are currently not yet legally available in stores. HHC is now also available as a cream.

HHC by HHC Vapes - what's in it?

HHC Vape Pens and Cartridges from hhc-vapes.com

If you look through our range, you will quickly find that, depending on the variety, our HHC products have a purity of up to 99% HHC. The bottom line when buying HHC is that the ratio of 9R-HHC and 9S-HHC is first dominant. At hhc-vapes.com you can currently buy products with up to 70% 9R-HHC. We stand for having an ideal ratio of the two substances in our different products. The reason is that 9R-HHC is the active part in the substance community of the manufactured products.

The purity and quality of the products at HHC Vapes is tested several times and continuously analyzed. This happens not only internally, but also at an independent laboratory. The tests are not only guarantees for a high-quality processed HHC product. Others hit the same control notch. Both our own employees and the group of experts in the laboratory look for metal residues, mycotoxins and other contaminants.

The quality of HHC products in our range is also ensured by the fact that we only cooperate with GMP-certified manufacturers. In addition, only natural terpenes (certified) flow into the end product during production.

To ensure that everything works perfectly with the cartridges, only certified CCell cartridges and ceramic cartridges are used in the manufacturing process.

Potential advantages and disadvantages of HHC

HHC is a product that deserves further exploration. Similar to THC, the researchers currently assume that it can have a certain effect. In addition, there are various potential advantages and disadvantages of HHC.

Possible benefits of HHC

According to the current state of knowledge, one is convinced that HHC could probably have a rather calming effect on the human body and its various functions. A proven advantage is the high stability of the HHC product. Compared to other cannabinoids, HHC has a significantly longer shelf life. Again, both heat and light are less able to harm the HHC compared to its physical cousins.

Possible disadvantages of HHC

One of the downsides of HHC is that it is new to the market and therefore lacks the scientifically based evidence about it. One of the reasons for this is that the responsible researchers take the time to correctly analyze and present the facts obtained. No one is helped at the HHC by quick analytical shots. So here is a slow and conscientious approach to everyone's benefit.

A price disadvantage is the expensive and complex manufacturing process. With all the great customer reviews and their enthusiasm for the effectiveness experienced, it must be noted that the effort in terms of employees and production resources is high. Therefore, the price of HHC is currently leveling off in the upper cannabinoid segment.

If you want to buy a purely natural remedy that does not require human synthesizing intervention, you should ideally use CBD. The production conditions at HHC make it necessary for people to intervene here and add a nuance to nature and enrich it.

Are there side effects with HHC?

As already mentioned, there are STILL no reliable scientific statements about the side effects of HHC. Based on some reports from users, they report tiredness, relaxation and an often pleasant feeling of dizziness. If you trawl through the existing scientific works on the subject as well as relevant specialist publications, no report on potential negative side effects of HHC has come out. Here, too, we look forward to new studies that will lead us more towards certainty.

Tip for using HHC

Our tip for using HHC products: Start with a small amount and a small dosage. This start leaves the necessary room for maneuver upwards. In this way you can approach your own feel-good dosage step by step. It is always important that you stick to reputable suppliers when buying HHC. Then nothing can fundamentally go wrong. If you want more detailed information about our products, you can contact us at any time.

Is HHC legal?

By the end of 2022, HHC will be legal in Austria and Germany under the applicable narcotics law. In general, in both EU countries, all cannabis products, including HHC, are legal if they do not exceed a certain THC content. This is currently close to 0.001% for our products. There are countries with 0.3%, and in Switzerland (not an EU country) the limit of 1% applies. If you buy HHC products in Switzerland that have a THC content of more than 0.2%, you should also consume them in Switzerland. Importing to Germany or Austria is prohibited.

More than a trend product

Cannabinoids are literally on everyone's lips. Not only the media discuss CBD, HHC and THC non-stop. There is much debate about its usefulness for various ailments. While THC has made its way out of the shadows into the bright light of legality in many countries and CBD is legal anyway, HHC is somewhere in between due to the status of the new trending substance. In short, it's legal because it's not illegal. And that's exactly what makes it so exciting. One of the reasons why HHC can become a popular product for everyone in the future is that it is a promising alternative to THC. And as an alternative, it is already more than just a trendy product.

Our conclusion

With HHC, the range of cannabis products has now been expanded to include an interesting substance. More and more researchers are becoming aware of HHC and are beginning to explore the potential possibilities that may lie between CBD and THC. The hope is to harness the benefits of THC with HHC without suffering the downsides. This applies in particular to numerous areas of therapeutic use.

But one thing is also clear: research in the field of HHC is currently still in its infancy. The starting signal has sounded, the runners have left the blocks, the first steps have been taken and everything is accelerating - but the goal of comprehensive research work on the topic of HHC has not yet been reached. What is needed are valid HHC studies. This applies to both short-term and long-term studies. What we do know is that the first results and numerous user experiences promise a positive mood when it comes to HHC.

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