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Discover our 4-times filtered THCP hash with a full 8% THCP without additional terpenes! The consistency and appearance of the hash are reminiscent of a Moroccan hash. The amount of THCP promises a long-lasting effect. When ordering in larger quantities you can save up to 40% when purchasing our THCP hash.

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Our new THCP hash is now available online and promises a stronger psychoactive effect, which also lasts longer.

THCP has recently caught the attention of the cannabis community and is opening up new perspectives for cannabis consumers.

What is THCP and where does it come from?

THCP hash is a product based on the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P) bound to a phosphate molecule. This unique chemical composition ensures an enhanced effect in the human body.

The story of THC-P is still relatively new, and research is in its early stages. Since its first isolation in 2019, THC-P has been continuously researched. Research into its effects, health benefits and possible side effects still requires some time. What has already been proven is the more intensive binding of THC-P to the CB receptors.

The effects of THCP hash

The exact effect of THCP hash in the body is still the subject of research. However, initial studies and reports suggest a potentially more intense psychoactive experience. Some studies have already shown a higher binding affinity of THCP to the CB receptors compared to normal THC.

In fact, binding to CB1 receptors is 33 times more active. The binding to the CB2 receptors is 10 times too strong. This makes it clear what properties the potent THCP has. Not only does it work faster, but it also has increased psychoactive effects and lasts longer.

However, research on health effects is still limited and further research is needed. Therefore, you should exercise caution when consuming such an active cannabinoid and test your dose slowly.

Is THCP legal in Germany?

The purchase and use of THCP hash is currently classified as legal in Germany. However, it is important to note that exact legal provisions are subject to change. It is therefore advisable to continually keep up to date with current legislation.

It is crucial to remember that the consumption of such products will in any case impair the ability to drive, regardless of the legal situation. A drug test could be positive due to similar breakdown products and the presence of less than 0.2% THC. This is particularly important if, for example, you have to carry out drug tests for work reasons.

3 Benefits of THC-P Hash:

1. Potentially More Intense Psychoactive Effects - THC-P hash offers a more intense and profound psychoactive experience, which may be of interest to experienced users.

2. Fast action - The use of hash allows for quick absorption and effects, making dosage control easier.

3. Possible variations - THC-P hash offers a wide range of possible uses, be it for relaxation, pain relief or out of curiosity for the more intense experience.

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