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  • Experience the enhanced effects of our THC-P flowers for yourself. The recently isolated cannabinoid provides a faster and longer-lasting effect than regular THC.

    But that's not enough. Here you can find out everything you need to know about THC-P flowers. From the chemical basics to their potential benefits and legality in Germany.

    Cannabis is attracting more and more research interest. And rightly so: the various cannabinoids found in this plant in particular need to be researched.

    One of these cannabinoids that has recently received a lot of attention is THC-P. This is an expanded form of THC that is bound to a phosphate molecule. This unique chemical structure enables an increased effect on the CB receptors in the human body.

  • What is THCP and what exactly are THCP flowers?

    THCP flowers are a product based on the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P). This cannabinoid was recently discovered and is closely related to the well-known delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The differences in chemical structure can lead to different effects. The history of THC-P is still young and research is in its early stages.

    However, initial studies and experience reports indicate that the effect of THC-P, for example consumed through flowers, is significantly stronger than normal THC. It works faster, more intensely and lasts longer.

  • THC-P flowers have these advantages

    1. Stronger psychoactive effects - THC-P flowers can provide a more intense psychoactive experience, which can be an interesting option for experienced users.
    2. Faster Effects - THC-P flower is reported to have a rapid onset of effects, allowing for easier customization of dosage.

    Wide range of uses - Due to the potentially stronger effects, THC-P flowers could be used for various purposes, be it for relaxation or to relieve symptoms.

  • Where can I buy THCP flowers?

    We now offer THC-P flowers in our shop. You will also find vapes and hash with the popular THC-P as well as many other CBD products with and without psychoactive effects. Whatever you are looking for - you will find it with us.

  • Are THCP flowers legal in Germany?

    The purchase and use of THC-P flowers is currently considered legal. The increased THC content doesn’t play a role either. However, since legal regulations can change, you should always keep yourself up to date with the existing regulations.

    You should under no circumstances drive a car while under the influence of THC-P flowers, as your ability to drive is definitely impaired by the increased THC content. Your participation in road traffic is only possible to a limited extent.