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Discover our THCP vapes with a full 10% THCP and tasty terpenes! THCP promises a long-lasting and stronger effect than HHC. The THCP vape is very easy to use and can be used immediately.
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Buy THCP vapes online and what you need to consider

With THCP Vapes you can enjoy the newly discovered cannabinoid directly and easily. You can try out the more intense effect of the stronger THCP for the first time with the help of vapes and thus get closer to your ideal dose.

The now popular THCP was isolated for the first time in 2019 and has continued to be researched ever since. Even though research into the effect, health benefits and possible side effects is still in its infancy, THCP has already been shown to bind more actively to the CB receptors in the human brain.

The Benefits of THCP Vapes:

  1. Stronger Psychoactive Effects - THC-P has a stronger psychoactive effect compared to traditional THC, which may be of interest to some users looking for more intense experiences.
  2. Fast onset of action - TH-P has been reported to have a faster onset of action. This means the effects may be felt more quickly.
  3. Long-lasting effect - According to previous experience reports, THCP lasts significantly longer than the now common cannabinoids HHC and H4CBD.

The effects of THCP vapes

The exact effect of THCP consumed through vapes in the human body is still the subject of research. Nevertheless, testimonials suggest a potentially more intense psychoactive experience.

A previously conducted study examined the binding affinity of the newly isolated THCP to the CB receptors. It found that THCP binds to CB1 receptors 33 times more strongly than regular THC. The binding to the CB2 receptors is also about 10 times higher. These research results confirm the experiences of users.

Despite these promising findings, studies on the effects of THCP flowers are still limited. Additional research is urgently needed to better understand the long-term health effects.

Due to the increased psychoactive effects, it is important to consume THCP flowers with extreme caution. If you already have experience with traditional THC and appreciate the pleasant effects, you can try a lower dose of THCP. The rapid onset of action allows you to precisely control dosage and customize your experience.

Are THCP vapes legal?

Currently, the purchase and use of THCP vapes is legal and does not pose any legal hurdles. However, it is important to note that legal regulations are subject to change. It is therefore advisable to regularly inform yourself about the current legal regulations to ensure that you always act in accordance with the law.

It is extremely important to emphasize that you should never drive while under the influence of THCP, as your ability to drive will in any case be impaired due to the increased level.

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